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"Akashi" offers fresh seafood and multiple sightseeing spots
Akashi is located on the west of Kobe and stretches east to west along with the coast line of the Seto Inland Sea. The seaside city is famous for the Japan Standard Time meridian, situated exactly at 135°east longitude. Akashi is blessed with mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea and an abundance of seafood. Please enjoy delicious Seto Inland Sea dishes filled with fresh seafood.
Akashi tours featuring history, culture and leisure activities

Akashi has a long history and many exciting episodes. Akashi City Museum of Culture exhibits skeleton models of "Akashi Elephant". There are many historical sites associated with "Genpei War", "Miyamoto Musashi" and "The Tale of Genji" in the region. Okura beach is becoming a popular venue for swimming, fishing and marine sports. Night view of illuminated Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge from the beach creates a romantic scene for couples.
A full line-up of local gourmet foods ;"Akashiyaki", fresh seafood etc.
"Akashiyaki" represents specialty of Akashi. It is a small rounded-shape dumpling made of egg rich batter and a chunk of octopus served with Dashi (thin fish broth) seasoned with Japanese spices. Soft and fluffy texture of eggs, flavorful broth and unique texture of octopus make it a must-eat dish. Nearly a hundred shops are situated and selling fresh seafood in the lively bustling market of "Uontana". Tasty local foods of Akashi include a spring feature "Ikanago no kugini" (Japanese sand lances simmered with soy source, sugar, ginger and other ingredients until these fishes turn brown and into the shape of worn nails. "Kugi" means a nail.) , "Akashi nori" (dried laver seaweed) , "Roasted or grilled sea eels" and "Dried octopus".

Akashi Tourism Association

Access to Akashi from Kobe



JR Sanyou Line (Special Rapid Service) 15mins(380yen )


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